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Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Montana

If you or a loved one have been involved in a vehicle accident in the state of Montana, there are various steps you can take soon after the incident occurs to help improve your chances of success when filing an injury or property damage claim against another party. Even though you may not be able to take all of these steps in this exact order, it is crucial to complete as many as possible to maintain the integrity of your claim.

Seek Prompt Medical Treatment

The absolute number one priority after a vehicle accident occurs is the health and well-being of you, your passengers, and others involved in the incident. Seeking prompt medical treatment after a vehicle accident occurs is beneficial for a few reasons. First, any obvious injuries need medical care immediately, but it is not uncommon for vehicle accident victims to experience unseen injuries but not feel symptoms for quite some time after the incident occurs. By seeking prompt medical care after a crash in Montana, individuals increase their chances of making a full recovery.

Additionally, when you seek immediate medical treatment, you establish a strong link between any injuries that arise and the incident. It’s harder for an insurance carrier to deny injury claims when you seek medical treatment right after the incident occurs.

Make Sure the Police Come to the Scene

The police should come to the scene of the incident. Under Montana law, vehicle accidents must be reported if any person sustains an injury or loses their life as a result of the incident or if property damage caused by the incident exceeds $1,000.

Law enforcement officials can come to the crash scene and perform a preliminary investigation into the incident. In nearly every circumstance, insurance carriers will require the police report in order to move forward with the claim.

Gather Information and Evidence

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the initial incident and the safety of the overall accident scene, you may be able to gather evidence related to the incident. We encourage crash victims to use a mobile device or another type of camera to take pictures of everything they see, including injuries, vehicle damage, traffic and weather conditions, debris or skid marks, and more.

Additionally, individuals should not leave a vehicle accident scene until they have the name, contact information, and insurance information of other drivers involved.

Cautiously Approach Insurance Carriers

You should report the incident to your insurance carrier the same day it occurs if you can, but that does not mean you need to go into detail about what happened. When you make your initial report to your insurance carrier, they need to know the contact information of others involved, basic details about the incident, and that you are seeking medical treatment. Do not go into detail about your injuries or how the accident happened.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer for Help

Car accident victims in Montana should reach out to a vehicle accident lawyer who has experience handling personal injury claims. Recovering compensation after an accident can be challenging, but an attorney can guide you toward the best path moving forward. When you have a lawyer by your side, you will have an advocate with the resources needed to fully investigate the accident claim, handle any negotiations with the insurance carrier, and even take your case to trial if one becomes necessary.